can help you realizing your ambitious projects








"With Yves, I have learned to know myself much more, to better communicate by having the others to reformulate their understanding and particularly, to effectively control my stress which makes me go ballistic easily.


His One on One Coaching with clear and precise objectives is what I appreciated the most. Yves keeps constantly his focus on the objectives we established together. At the end I had no other choice than to do the request he gave me. And it works!"


Michel Loriot, Production Manager at ZCL Composites Inc.






 "Thanks to the confidentiality of One on One Coaching, I have been able to have real conversations with a professional who understood my feelings and the challenges I had to take up. I have been in position to cover in depth issues that bother me for sometimes and it allowed me to gain new manager's skills to better deal with obstacles.


It is a great experience that I would like to pursue."


Mathieu Jérôme, Assistant Sales Manager at SOPREMA Inc.


" With Yves help, I have further developed my manager's habilities. My meetings are more productive and I am more available for my employees. Also I am able to give them positive and constructive feedbacks and it improves their moral. More important, I have gained time and motivated my staff by delegataing part of my repetitive tasks that had no added value.


My coach made me think a lot and now my manager's role is more obvious."


Kevin Lessard, Production Leader at SOPREMA Inc.





"Like many others, I have attended at various Development Programs to improve my manager's skills. That being said, this Training and Coaching Program gave me new and interesting tools to go many steps further:


With the TRIMA approach, I am now able to adjust the way I communicate with an employee based on his social style, I better assess the adequat profile of applicants to recruit and I can motivate even more some of my employees with tasks and responsibilities that are in line with what stimulate them in a innate way.


I also like his Time Management approach to increase work performance. I have already adapted it to my needs and I see myself more efficient than before. Now, I am starting to use his Negotiation tips and techniques."


Jean-François Nadeau, Production Manager at Matritech Inc.






"My coach helped me improving my Active Listening with his requests. Now I am able to control my emotional drive, I react less at the first occasion and I am even able to remain quiet. By simply asking the good questions, I better understand and I get the relevant information I need to decide or take action.


I have particularly found useful some of the management tools presented in his training sessions. Those tools allow me to deepen my understanding of employees reactions and to know how to deal with difficult ones.


Already it helps me at work and in my personal life. Thanks Yves! "


Marie-Hélène Lafleur, Production Manager at Les Boisés LaFleur Inc.




" With his One on One Coaching, Yves made me realized I was hiring employees that were like me, with the same qualities and competences, and also, the same weaknesses and deficiencies. This awareness made me changed my staff progressively. Now I choose my employees based on the specific requirements of each position and I make sure all my team members have complementary strengths and qualifications.


The difference is outstanding already: My employees take care of tasks in which I had no interest better than me and I've got more time to do what I like and to plan my company's growth. And it's only the beginning!"


Frederic Hudon, President & Co-owner of Transport Hudon Inc.




"Yves Lanctot speach on Coaching was a hit. Interactions with the 12 participants were very efficient and many of them wrote me to signify their appreciation.


Personally, I have learned many things. Such an approach allows reviewing and tuning our Business Model. In particular, it can result in making more money while working less...but better!


I have been coached in the past and my experience left me on my hunger. Now, it enables me to set my pendulums right. In this field, as in many others, there are lots of great talkers. Yet, this presentation convinced us that coaching can generate many benefits and that Yves is a Professional Coach able to help us reaching real and tangible results."


Jean Lafond,  Head of AMBAQ's Circle for Business Owners, Consultants and Professionals.






 "Even if I have a Master degree in Business Administration (MBA), Yves made me understand how to use Business Scanning in a practical way in order to integrate threats and opportunities in the Strategic Planning of my company. Thanks to him, I have finally succeeded in applying the theory I had learned to my SME context.


One of its requests was particularly revealing: It made me realized that I had to refocus part of my marketing efforts towards higher gross margins products and services, even if those were less attractive and technologically advanced. Now my goal is to generate and to free as much cash flow as possible to support my company's growth objectives."


Philippe Corriveau, President & Co-owner of MindCore Technologies Inc.



"I enrolled the High Growth SME Program with the objective of improving the strategic planning of my company. Now I know what to do, all the stages to get over and the sequence to follow.


There is a risk when you work with the same people all the time; uniform thinking comes in place. You need to find ways of avoiding it and it is precisely what this program allowed me to do. I have enlarged my vision, I see new promising opportunities and I focus on the most profitable products and services to support my company's growth."


Jean-François Boivin, Sales Manager & Co-owner of Intercel Inc.




"With its Training and Coaching program for High Growth SME, I have learned some practical tools that I can use right now and some reflection tools that will allow me to better plan the growth strategy of my company for the coming years.


So far I have improved the financial forecats and I am currently restructuring the organization in order to free more time for business developement. His on-site coaching allowed me to identify the various steps that I wanted to achieve to reach faster my new profitability's targets."


André Beauchesne, President & Owner of Positech Innovation Inc.




"As business leaders, we are trying to asess if what we are doing and planning to do are the right things to do. With its on-site Training and Coaching Program, Yves helped me confirming my decisions and he also made me think: I realized how important some aspects of my business are to its long term growth.


Since, my partner and I decided to redirect our focus towards a new range of products which will address new markets. The idea isn't new. But it became clear that this opportunity had to be seized now if we want to renew with growth and to increase profitability."


Michael Gagnon, President & Co-owner of AGORA Sports Installations Inc.




"I am running a family business founded by my father (2nd generation). Lately I felt the need to challenge my decisions and to question the direction I am giving to the company. With its program, Yves initiated me to the use of a more structured and strategic approach to reach my goals.


I became aware that I am more than ever the limiting factor to my company's growth. Now I know that I must free myself from the day-to-day operations. I am planning to do it by developing the full potential of my staff.


As most of my directives were unclear, I was losing lots of time fixing mistakes and tracking everything going on in the company. I learned since how to give SMART directives and I see good results already!"


Robert Lejour, President & Owner of Ferblanterie JGL Inc.




"My coach Yves made me realized how my overload at work was directly related to the way I plan and control my tasks and how I misuse my resources. With his help, I have put in place an organization system that eases my work and I have learned to better delegate. As a result, I have got more time available and I enjoy again a quality of life beyond my expectations.


I am a Business Owner who listens to his feelings. My emotional reactions made me look bad in the past. They have even damaged my business relations. With my coach, I have discovered how to better manage them and it shows in my professional and personal life. Now I am rarely going ballistic and I able to step back, to weigh the pros and cons and to think before reacting or speaking.


Yves made me move forward in the direction I wanted. I know there is more to do and I also know what to do to keep on improving."


Rémy Boivin, President & General Manager of Optique Telecom Inc.




" After our first Training & Coaching sessions on site with Yves Lanctot, here's our impressions of him, in less than three words (listed in alphabetic order):


Dynamic (9x)  •  Energic (2x) •  Enthusiastic (2x)  •  Facilitator  •  Friendly  •  Good communicator (2x) •  Good manners with people  •  Informant  •  Interesting (4x)  •  Kind  •  Listening to us  •  Motivator (2x)  •  Open-minded  •  Organized  •  Passionate  •  Patient  •  Persuasive  •  Professional  •  Respectful  •  Sincere  •  Smiling  •  Spontaneous  •  Team builder."


The 32 Managers & Supervisors, Instech Telecommunication Inc.



"With my coach Yves, I became aware of how important communication skills are to the success of a Manager. First you need to know yourself better in order to communicate well. And it's exactly what his Development Program achieves.


I see results of his support on my team's members every day. Those who participated in his Program have increased the awareness of themselves. To me, that's THE BASSIS of a personalized Development Program in Management Skills."


Luc Desjardins, Operating Manager South Shore at Instech Telecommunication Inc.



"I greatly appreciate Yves availability and flexibility in One on One coaching sessions. It allowed me to better run my actual business context and to relate with the concepts presented in group training sessions. From his Development Program, I remember practical aids and many sharing of experiences.


On their side, my team's members have learned to better know themselves individually and as a group. They share this awareness openly and regularly: they don't hesitate to say on which skills they are working and striving to improve."


Pierre-Richard Roland, Operating Manager North Shore at Instech Telecommunication Inc.



"My team's members were greatly valued by this Development Program. To start with, we paid special attention to their needs and then, we supplied them with a toolbox filled with aids designed to help them better perform individually and collectively.


The techniques and tips presented by Yves were all down to earth. I realized that my team's members focused on those who represent a quick solution to the challenges they face in their role daily. Thanks to One on One coaching, they discovered how to implement them."


Thibault Modrjewski, Administrative Manager at Instech Telecommunication Inc.




" Like many business leaders, I was saying to myself I had little time working to improve and to develop my management abilities. So I forced myself to take the necessary time to think of what I really wanted to improve. That's how I joined the Training and Coaching Program designed by Yves Lanctôt.


I particularly enjoy the sharing's dynamic during the sessions, his powerful questions and the things he makes me realized. It gets me thinking during the sessions, and many days after. 


Today, I don't see myself the same way. It made me evolved and my management abilities have improved. I feel like an athlete: His coach is there to help him making progress much faster."


Michelle Poirier, Plant Manager at SCA Americas Inc.




"The Training and Coaching Program for Executives and Business Owners was an experience that no regular course could do. If I had done it sooner, I am sure my career would have been quite different!


The psychometric tests made me realized my strengths and weaknesses. In addition, all these tests tended to show similar results with different perspectives, which allowed me to decide where to put my efforts to become more efficient."


Daniel Boisvert, Partner & Co-founder at TBA experts-conseils




"The themes that Yves presents in his program are all interesting. The management tools are practical and ready-to-use. That being said, my very favorite goes to the Professional Codevelopment process and structure. It pleases me so much that I'll use them in my business.


It's my first coaching experience. I must admit that I was septic at first. I am surprised to see how easy it is for Yves to make me live this experience. The process is well structured and the focus is maintained, even if I have the tendency to go on side issues. His listening is active and he gets me in action much faster with his requests.


Before I thought I was giving clear instructions and objectives to my staff. I quickly realized it wasn't the case. Now I know what a SMART objective is. I am using it with my staff and those around me. Amazingly, it's more efficient and much easier to follow-up.


For me, one-on-one coaching is a nice discovery!

And I'll resort to it in the future."


Serge Parenteau, President & Owner of Vêtements Flip Design Inc.




"For me, learning tricks and new ways of doing things is what I truly enjoy.


In the Professional Codevelopment sessions, I like to see the challenges others are facing, their open-mindedness and to understand their issue. If I've been through it before, I'll help. If not, I'll get involved in order to learn from it. After all, it may happen to me sooner or later.


With one-on-one coaching, it's different: I work to improve five abilities I chose, that I need to improve now. It's fun: Everything I discover I can use it in my daily life and with my staff.


Simon Coderre, President & Owner of Coderre Packaging Inc.





"In his Training & Coaching Program for Business Leaders, Yves talks to us from his own life experience and it shows. We are dealing with an action oriented individual capable of turning a sharing process very dynamic.


I appreciate the coherence of his approach: there's a kind of very pleasant continuity between group and one-on-one activities. He's the resource-person for the whole program. That creates a climate of thrust and a level of understanding which are difficult to match, if not impossible.


I feel that he's fully aware of the implications of the actions I need to take. He controls the academic concepts he presents and he's able to simplify them to ease my work.


With Yves, no need to adjust to him, he'll take care of it for you!"


Stéphane Tanguay, Partner & Co-owner of CDRM Inc. 




"I find group sessions very interesting. So I have no problem maintaining my attention the whole day. I particularly enjoy the professional codevelopment activities where we help and learn from the other executives thru the exchange of their experiences and challenges.


Yves has shown his ability to satisfy the needs and reality of the executive group. I truly feel he is there to help us. Up to now, I am able to widen my business scanning, to better relate with my employees, to delegate more effectively and above all, to give myself the time to look at the big picture beyond the day-to-day operations of my business."


Marc-André Morin, President of Créations Morin Inc.




"It's amazing to see how personalized his Training and Coaching Program is. Among others, I refer to the psychometric tests, the one-on-one coaching sessions, and also the reflections and things he made me realized when I was in group session.


His supporting documentation is concise and straight to the point. He uses down-to-earth examples to ease my understanding. What I have learned, I am able to use it right now.


I invite you to discover a better way to learn and to develop your abilities."


Luc Parenteau, IT Manager at SOPREMA Inc.



"I have been appointed by the excecutives who are active in the Technical Textile ACCORD group to find ways to help them upgrading their knowledge and developing new areas of competencies.


The challenge was of size since the executives have different background and experience. Some of them are entrepreneurs and business owners while others are leading SME and multinationals. To complicate things, their companies are not all at the same stage of development.


When I met Yves Lanctot for the first time, he came to me with a blank paper and no pre-made solution. He took the necessary time to listen to me and to understand my needs. Then, he did develop a specific Training & Coaching Program that took advantage of the differences within the group and the potential of mutual development of the participants.


As a result, seven executives are registered to the program."


Jocelyn Lamarre, Executive Manager of the Technical Textiles ACCORD group




"As many entrepreneurs and businessmen, I invested myself so much into my company to fall sick. Then one day, I realized that I had reached my limits and I decided to put an end to this by putting my company for sale. And I sold it. During the following years, I have been contemplating the idea to change my life drastically, even if it meant giving up my relations with those who care about me and those who love me.


Lucky enough, I met my coach Yves. He helped me define what I really wanted to do with my professional and personal life. He made me realized what is driving me most and made me discovered new options to incorporate my passions into my day-to-day life. Today, my professional life is moving in the right direction. It makes sense to me and it is in harmony with my values. I am very happy about it.


Thanks Yves."


Michel Sarrazin, Businessman & Owner of MS Marketing Inc. 



"Yves Lanctôt has been great in helping me define what I really wanted to do with my invention.


As a professional coach, he assisted me in establishing a practical and feasible action plan that covered every step of developing my invention,  from the early development stage right up to marketing.


I had consulted several advisers and consultants previously and they all directed me towards solutions that were not in harmony with my personal desires and needs. Now that I work with Yves Lanctôt, I don't feel alone anymore; I have a strategy and I am reaching the goals I choose much faster. With his experience and professional background, he understands quickly what's at stake and he helps me see the way to complete my project.


Don't hesitate to use his services."

Guy Lemieux, Inventor of Pyrabloc System, President & Owner of Pyrabloc Inc.